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The Natural Wash BEETROOT

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Natural Wash aims to prepare all-natural, herbal and Ayurvedic skin-care products only, to share the beneficial secrets of Ayurveda with its consumers. At TNW every product is formulated after detailed research of the key ingredients and their benefits. This is why TNW presents a balm that combines a rich blend of butter, herbs and oils that rescue parched and dehydrated lips. TNW Beetroot

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Lip Care for Dry

  • ₹249
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Let your soft and smooth lips do the talking when you apply the lip balm. It gives a slight touch of color to your lips besides leaving them with the delightful

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Perfect for your Lips Vanilla

  • ₹399
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Natural Elements Vanilla Lip Balm Premium Collection | Perfect for your Lips (5gm.) Natural Elements Vanilla Lip Balm loaded with claiming Vanilla, Vitamin E for softer lips, Shea butter for soothing, Olive oil for hydration. This lip balm moisturizes your lips to keep them soft and supple

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Why use Daluss Lip Balm?

Since winters are here chapped and dry lips are one of the most common problems at hand. And to take care of this Daluss brings you our collection of natural Lip Balms.

Lip balms are compact and can fit into pockets and purses, due to their small size. 

Lip balms help take care of chapped lips, as well as the style quotient of your outfit.

Our lip balms are 100% organic and contain natural oils which are good for your lips.

With materials such as bee wax and Aloe Vera, these lip balms are sure to hydrate your lips we also have lip balms with SPF in them. 

Natural oils have a tendency of improving skin health and smoothen the texture. One of the reasons why we include things like tea tree oil, almond oil, and Shea butter. 

A lip balm promotes the healing of skin and since the skin on our lips is thinner than the rest it is important to protect and heal the lips from time to time. A lip balm forms a thin layer on the lips which leads to faster recovery.

Lip balms these days come with color scheming and for a natural look, much like nude lipstick. Wearing a colored lip balm would not only make you look great but also keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

Lip balms should be a major part of a daily routine, exfoliation and hydration are a huge part of healthy lips. A good facial feature adding a good lip balm to your daily routine is the key to getting great-looking full and healthy lips. 

Some of the factors to consider before buying a lip balm are:

1. All Lips are unique and the prints much like fingerprints vary from person to person, not all lips are the same and need different types of treatments. All lips react to winters and have different effects which is why must identify your problems and buy a product that serves you best. 

2. Lip color and thickness vary for different people. A lip balm can help in maintaining the natural color of your lips as well as keeping them healthy and hydrated.

3. Sensitiveness of lips sensitive lips need extra care and delicacy, we have a special range of Daluss lip balms to take care of the same. We understand all sorts of lip sensitivities and provide products to take care of them.

4. They don’t sweat as normal skin thus and so they don’t need a normal skincare routine. Since lips are different from regular skin they need their own care, which is why Daluss has a Lip care kit curated for all types of different lips.

5. Lips become thinner as you grow older and the care for them increases. Daluss has a range of different products which is appropriate for all ages, tending to different types of lip problems.