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What exactly is a cleanser and how does it help?

A cleanser is a liquid-based component that helps you take care of your skin from problems. Like dust, dirt, excess oil, pimples, acne as well as skin shedding. Cuts and sensitive skin. A cleanser as the name says cleans your skin of all unwanted substances that may accumulate throughout the day. Pollution, dirt, and oil are some of the major factors. Which leads to your skin feeling rough, uneasy, heavy as well as prone to skin problems.

Let's talk ingredients

Some of the best cleanser ingredients include retinol, salicylic acid as well as ceramides, vitamin C. And other exfoliants which help the skin regain its natural state. Cleansers are also known to give you a hydrated and natural look. Thus, making them an easy inclusion in your night routines. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the ingredients of a cleanser

  • Retinol: A vitamin A derivative used in a lot of exfoliation products. They get rid of old and dead skin cells. And give rise to new and healthy skin cells. Retinol, known to increase your collagen production, improve skin texture. Correct pigmentation as well as unclog your pores. It is also known to prevent acne. Overall a very important ingredient for a face cleanser.

  • Salicylic acid: A beta-hydroxy acid making it a great way of removing excess dead skin cells and decreasing oil production. It is oil soluble which makes it very easy for it to penetrate the skin pores. It is known to fight acne. Additionally, it removes bacteria, old skin debris as well as cleansing of skin pores. Make sure to keep a track of its concentration since it suits oily skin but can be undesirable for sensitive and dry skin.

  • Ceramides: These are lipids and fats present naturally in your skin, they help in protecting our skin from harmful outside factors. They exist in the outermost layer of the skin. Ceramides hydrate the skin and lock in the moisture required by the skin to look healthy. They also help soothe sensitive skin. While serving their purpose of protecting the skin from pollution and dirt. These are the best for dry and sensitive skin since they hydrate and nourish the skin.

  • Vitamin c: Found in many natural items. This antioxidant helps restrict the damage caused by free radicals in the skin (free radicals break the collagen in the skin). Free radicals can damage cell DNA and cause a multitude of problems but antioxidants help to prevent that.

  • Vitamin C can reduce and inhibit melanin, produced upon contact with harmful UVA rays known as a tan.

  • They help prevent premature aging and preserve your skin texture. They also correct your complexion and provide a natural glow to your skin. These are used in Detan solutions and are found in citrus fruits.

    Exfoliants: There are multiple chemical exfoliants like

1- Glycolic acid

2- Lactic acid

3- Azelaic acid

4- Salicylic acid

5- Trichloroacetic acid

These help with skin cell turnover (creating and replacing skin cells). They also help in brightening your skin and improving the texture and color of your skin. They also balance the color scale and help take care of any skin discoloration. An increase in collagen production is another positive point they have. For dry skin using lactic or, glycolic acids can prove to be very beneficial. Azelaic acid is known to be beneficial for sensitive skin. Acids like Salicylic acid are extremely beneficial for oily skin.

  • Glycerin: Glycerin is a humectant which means it has the ability to attract water. From the deeper layers and lock it in preventing it from leaving the skin. It is the best for hydration and moisturization of the skin, it prevents dryness as well as skin irritation. It also helps to maintain the skin barrier. Best suited for people with dry and sensitive skin.

The nonchemical exfoliants

  • Physical exfoliants: Products like scrubs have particles like granules and seeds in them which help to remove dead skin cells. Since chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells by themselves physical exfoliants are the ones that require manual labor. You have to scrub them manually and exfoliate accordingly. Its harshness would depend upon how hard and how long you scrub for. Like the chemical exfoliants, these too remove dead skin cells and increase skin turnover.

  • Not recommended for sensitive skin. Since they have physical materials it is advisable to use this one to two times a week.

  • These have physical particles which if used excessively can strip the oil out of your skin and cause micro-tears.

Daluss Cleanser

Now that the ingredients are clear let’s talk about the Daluss cleanser and how does that tick all the boxes of precautions. Our ingredients, as well as products. Reviewed and curated after surveys as well as opinions from the best skincare experts and dermatologists. Making us the best choice for skincare products.

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